Now that the golf and tennis season has arrived, you may be thinking:

 How can I improve my game?

 Pilates has been well documented as a tool to improve performance for many top athletes. One of the main reasons for using Pilates is to correct muscular imbalances between their dominant and non-dominant sides. These imbalances can lead to injuries and poor performance.

 Pilates teaches the muscles and focuses the mind by:           

 Pilates For Golf 

  • ·      Improving rotation and stability of the spine for smoother strike
  • ·      Increasing power through hips and torso for more distance
  • ·      Improving concentration to stay focused on the target
  • ·      Decreasing fatigue, and build stamina
  • ·      Preventing injury caused by muscle imbalance
  • ·      Reducing back pain, stiffness and muscle ache

Pilates Sessions for Golfers

Designed to help posture and body awareness.

These will improve your golf swing by increasing range of motion, torso strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

A body assessment is included with before and after pictures.


Pilates For Tennis

  • ·      Improving the power of your strokes by increasing the core strength
  • ·      Improving body balance, for quick change of direction,
  • ·      Reducing back injury by increasing the flexibility of muscles
  • ·      Increasing upper and lower body power for stroke
  • ·      Increasing muscle endurance

 Pilates Program for Tennis Conditioning

Designed to help improve your stroke and prevent injury.

Exercises will focus on increasing core strength, stretching and strengthening both sides of the body, working to strengthen muscle imbalance, improving flexibility, balance and preventing overuse injuries.

Sessions include postural alignment flexibility, coordination, strength and balance, with before and after pictures.


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