Pilates is a series of exercises that are done either on a mat on the floor, or on exercise equipment developed by Joseph Pilates.  Joseph Pilates developed these exercises in the 1920's as a rehabilitation program, later it was found to be of great benefit to anyone seeking a higher level of fitness.

Pilates can help improve strength, flexibility, and coordination to create a healthy balance in the body. This is achieved through core conditioning, stretching and body awareness. It is very effective in correcting posture and strengthening your body against future injuries. Pilates is particularly effective for back and posture problems.

One of the best things about Pilates is that it works well for a wide range of people. Seniors, people who are at various stages of physical rehabilitation, pre-natal/post-natal women, dancers and athletes of any sport.

All exercises have been developed with modifications that can make each workout safe and challenging for any fitness level.